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Wardrobe door handles

July 31st, 2012 by Ted Cooke

Wardrobe door handles can make a big difference to the look of your wardrobes and change the whole feel of the room without costing you a lot of money. Changing the colour of the handles and adding a few other accents will update your whole room, or you could try a different shape of style of wardrobe handle or knobs which is a much cheaper option than buying a whole new wardrobe.

If you have an older wardrobe that is perfectly functional then changing the knobs or handles will give it a new lease of life; a simple exchange of round wooden knobs for metal ones in a geometric shape will make a big difference to the look of your wardrobe. Various types of metal of metal effect door handles can be found at any local DIY store or with a quick online search; dark or black metal handles look good on oak or maple wood colours as well as white wardrobes. Paler silvery handles look great with brighter coloured doors and also suit white; try matching the metal style of new handles to other metal or metallic colours in the room.

Coloured wardrobe door handles are a good option if you want to update an entire room; match new accessories with coloured door knobs to tie the look together. Red handles look good against an oak coloured wardrobe and you can add matching cushions, lampshades, curtains or bed throws to give your bedroom a new and updated look. If you would like a more glitzy look then glass wardrobe handles add a boudoir feel to your room and go well with opulent surroundings like red velvet cushions and plush carpets.

Children`s rooms can be personalised with new wardrobe door handles as well; you can match the handles to their favourite character or theme and easily replace them as tastes change. Fairy princess pink door knobs, racing car shaped blue handles or animal shapes can keep children`s bedrooms up to date with little cost. For a bit of extra fun and a personal touch why not make your own door handles? Get the children involved and keep it as simple as a coat of paint or as creative as making shapes of animals or people; try adding some glitter or diamante studs to make the handles really sparkle, or use friendship bracelet style woven material for a really unique wardrobe handle.

New wardrobe handles or knobs can make a big difference to any bedroom, whether you want to update just your wardrobe doors or add a new look to an entire bedroom changing the handles or knobs is an easy and cheap way to do this. Children can be included in choosing the d├ęcor for their room and easily change the handles as their tastes mature. So whatever kind of handles you decide to go for, from brass door furniture and diamante handles to red knobs or even polka dot bar handles you can create a brand new look for your bedroom with minimum effort and expense.



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