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Latest bedroom styles

August 2nd, 2012 by Ted Cooke

The style and design of your bedroom is very important; if you don`t feel comfortable then your night`s sleep can be affected and waking up in a room that you don`t like or cannot relax in is not the best start to your day. A well designed bedroom in a style that you like can really aid the quality of your rest and if you wake up in pleasing surroundings you will start the day in a good mood.

When you are thinking of redesigning your bedroom it is best to start out with a plan; work out your budget and then you know what you have available to work with. Once you have an idea of what you have to spend assess your existing bedroom furniture and decide what you want to keep and what is to be replaced; big items of furniture such as wardrobes and beds are expensive to replace and can usually be revamped to fit into whatever style you go with. If you have a favourite piece of furniture like a vintage dressing table then you can design your new d├ęcor around this piece and create a backdrop for it or add a style of d├ęcor that complements it.

Light and airy bedrooms have a cloud like feel to them and are a good aid to sleep, allowing you to relax and float off naturally. If you like complete darkness to sleep in then try blackout blinds to keep the daylight out especially in summer, but add light, airy muslin curtains to soften the effect during the daytime. Add a coat of white paint to your existing chests of drawers to lighten the room; use gloss white for a modern feel or create a vintage, lived in look with special furniture paint that can be found at most DIY shops. Light rugs and furry cushions can add to the clean, comfortable feel of the room and carefully placed lamps can add the finishing touch with a warm glow; use candles for special occasions.

Rich reds are a good bedroom colour theme and you can create this look with little effort as reds go well with most styles of bedroom furniture so you won`t need to replace your bedside tables. If you have enough light then use thick opulent curtains for a rich look and add sheepskin rugs by the bed for a warm first step out of bed. Rich, ruby lampshades and cushions, vases or bed spreads add warmth and a luxurious feel to the room and if you are feeling particularly decadent add a touch of animal print, just keep it minimal

Whatever style of bedroom d├ęcor you choose, remember to include plenty of storage as a cluttered room does not feel or look good. Drawers that go under beds are a clever way of adding extra room and pretty, coordinated storage boxes give you space and look attractive. If you are after inspiration there are plenty of online stores and sites where you can buy Bedspreads and other bed linen that can give you ideas, or take a stroll round your nearest town centre and keep an eye out for colour schemes and accessories that appeal to you. In the end, whatever makes you happy, relaxed and comfortable is the perfect bedroom design



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