We assemble furniture so you don’t have to.

The Job Cycle

Our Job Cycle is a straightforward well thought out process, which takes you from your initial enquiry, to a quote, then a booking, then we do the job, we request payment before finally sending you our customer feedback form.

At each stage we introduce the information we think is necessary so you are not overwhelmed with information.

  1. Your Initial Enquiry: We need to know exactly which product(s) you need assembling, so please include the supplier and part nos or internet links for each item. You can often just copy and paste this from your online shopping cart or email receipt.
  2. Your Quote: We will look up your products in our extensive database (over 20,000 items) to provide you with a fixed price quote. It is clear and itemised so you can see how we have worked out the price. We also include what information we need from you to make a booking. The quote is also provided with a link to a page on this site showing how we work if you have any further questions. See Link Here.
  3. Making a Booking: Once you have sent us your details and preferred dates, we will do our utmost to meet your needs.
    1. You will receive two emails off us. The first is a quick summary of your appointment date and time, and how and when to pay. The second is a formal summary of the job we have agreed to do, a summary of our terms, cancellation, complaints, payment etc. see here
    2. We do not offer fixed times, but instead we offer a one hour window of when we are due to arrive. This flexibility helps us on the day ensure that we arrive when expected. If you are not at the address where the work is to be done, you can request a "Ring on Approach", in this case we will text you about 20 minutes before we are due to arrive.
  4. The Job: We will arrive when we say we will, do the job to the highest standard we can and leave your address tidily. Unfortunately due to the paper work with the legislation regarding the removal of waste, it would be very expensive for us to do this for you (over £100). Most customers can put the waste packaging out with their normal household waste or take it to a local recycling centre, free of charge. Council's will often collect for much less than £100 as well.
  5. Payment: Payment is simple and straightforward. We limit the methods to cash or online bank transfer, because we can take these two payments without incurring costs.
  6. Feedback: We email every customer our customer feedback form, so you can let us know what you think, and how we can improve our service.





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