We assemble furniture so you don’t have to.

No Hidden Extras / Attaching to the Wall

We do not sneakily add on extra charges. These are only circumstances where we will not charge you the price you have quoted.

  1. We have to pay for parking, a congestion charge or have to pay a toll to get to you, because there is no other way (this does not include standard tolls like the Mersey Tunnel, Blackwall Tunnel etc).
  2. You ask us on the day to build extra or fewer items.
  3. The items we build are not the items we quoted for.
  4. We charge for attaching/mounting items to the wall. Sometimes in our opinion an item must be attached to the wall, in this case it will be included in the quote. For other items where the customer has discretion we will advise based on the British Standard for Stability BS ISO 7171. You can find out more here.





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