We assemble furniture so you don’t have to.

Training and Development

All of our assemblers are trained initially using the badge system operated by www.Flatpack.org.uk.

The badge below links to our page on their website which verifies we have meet this standard.

Once they have completed the training and our vetting process, we gently lead them into our company with small simple jobs to build their experience of the way we work and our expectations. On bigger more complicated jobs one of our senior assemblers will lead them through how to do the work properly. We will never send someone out who does not know what they are doing.

We split each item into one of 8 levels of difficulty. All assemblers start at level one and only when they have completed so many satisfactory hours of assembly time with us do they move up to more difficult work.

The training provided by www.Flatpack.org.uk covers all the legal issues an assembler should know including the requirements of several British Standards in relation to domestic furniture. A lack of knowledge in this area could lead to furniture being installed incorrectly, amd unfortunately this can lead to serious injury and death.





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