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Furniture Assembly Services - Furniture 123

We assemble furniture so you don’t have to.

For a full list of retailers whose furniture we have assembled, please click here: click here

We provide a furniture assembly service for products from all retailers. On this page you will find information about Furniture 123 and the services we provide, plus the feedback and testimonials from Furniture 123 customers who have used our flat pack furniture assembly service.

Retailer Details

  • Name: Furniture 123
  • Telephone: 01484 481 323
  • Address: Unit A, Trident Business Park, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
  • Website: furniture123.co.uk/
    • Title: Furniture123 - Living | Dining | Bedroom | Garden | Kids
    • Keywords: furniture123
    • Description: On-trend furniture, lighting & accessories for every room and every person in your home. UK delivery & finance options available.

Online furniture retailer based in West Yorkshire

For a fixed price quote fill in the form below and check the boxes for the parts listed
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If you have purchased any furniture from Furniture 123, we can assemble it for you, please complete the form below:

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What our customers say:

“Friendliness, timekeeping and quality of assembly all excellent. ”

(5 out of 5 stars) on

.F Furniture Assembly Review - Alexia

How We Work

  1. Tell us exactly what you need assembling
    (see What We Need to Know Below)
  2. We email you or display a quote after you have submitted the form
  3. Book online (or tell us your preferred dates)
  4. We build your furniture to the highest standard
  5. You pay us by: Cash or Bank Transfer
  6. You leave great feedback and testimonials

Find out about our QUALITY and CONSISTENCY or a more detailed overview of how we work below

What our customers say:

“A very easy service to access and the information provided at each stage was very helpful. The assembler worked hard and was concerned to make sure that the unit was to my satisfaction at completion. Well done !”

(5 out of 5 stars) on

.u Furniture Assembly Review - Ray

This video above shows you how to get an automatic quote and book online.

Get A Quote

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Please provide me a quote for the items checked below (max 30 displayed):

Price Range(B)Item DescriptionCheck Box
£74.80 - £86.90 Evoque Large High Gloss White Wardrobe with Chrome Trims FOL10012 Quickfind code: 1167199
£34.00 - £39.50 Coco House Bed Frame in White CC003A Quickfind code: 1347572
£122.40 - £142.20 Dynamo Dark Grey Cabin Bed - Ladder Can Be Fitted Either Side DYN004 Quickfind code: 1167764
£122.40 - £142.20 Dynamo White Cabin Bed - Ladder Can Be Fitted Either Side DYN001 Quickfind code: 1047822
£34.00 - £39.50 Hamilton 2+4 Chest of Drawers in White HMT008 Quickfind code: 1185298
£61.20 - £71.10 Oxford Triple Bunk Bed in Dark Grey - Small Double OXF011A Quickfind code: 1188812
£17.00 - £19.75Austin Matt Grey 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet AUS002Quickfind code: 1231290
£81.60 - £94.80Coco House Bunk Bed in White
£27.20 - £31.60Compare Seconique Panama Solid Pine Double Bed FOL076945Quickfind code: 776638
£17.00 - £19.75Corner Desk in White and Oak with 2 Drawers - Function FOL101319 Quickfind code: 1460150
£81.60 - £94.80Corona 1 Door 4 Drawer Sideboard CORO4SBPIN
£122.40 - £142.20Cosmo Mid Sleeper Bed in Oak with Pull Out Desk COS002
£122.40 - £142.20Cosmo Mid Sleeper Bed in White with Pull Out Desk COS001
£122.40 - £142.20Dynamo Girls Pink Cabin Bed - Ladder Can Be Fitted Either Side! DYN002Quickfind code: 1047823
£122.40 - £142.20Dynamo Pale Grey Cabin Bed - Ladder Can Be Fitted Either Side! DYN005
£122.40 - £142.20Dynamo White Cabin Bed - Ladder Can Be Fitted Either Side DYN001Quickfind code: 1047822
£13.60 - £15.80Emerson Solid Pine Rustic Wooden Dining Table Bench EMR003Quickfind code: 1175881
£13.60 - £15.80Emerson Solid Pine Wooden Rectangle Dining Table - 4 Seater EMR002Quickfind code: 1175880
£54.40 - £63.20Evoque LED White on Grey High Gloss TV Unit With Storage FOL300309 Quickfind code: 1069196
£74.80 - £86.90Extra Large White Gloss TV Stand with LEDs- TVs up to 80inch - EvoqueFOL300300_E_XL inc wall mount
£54.40 - £63.20Finch 2+4 Chest of Drawers in Light Grey FIN003B
£54.40 - £63.20Finch Combi 2 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe in Light Grey FIN008A
£27.20 - £31.60Grade A1 - Lexi White High Gloss 2 Drawer Bedside Table A1/LEX002
£61.20 - £71.10Grey and Solid Pine Dining Table with 2 Chairs and 2 Benches - Emerson BUN/EMR002G/76597 Quickfind code: 1448691
£102.00 - £118.50Grey Rattan 10 Piece Cube Garden Dining Set - Parasol Included FTR004 1142837
£54.40 - £63.20Hamilton 2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe in White HMT011A Quickfind code: 1455760
£47.60 - £55.30Hamilton 2+4 Chest of Drawers in Pine HMT002Quickfind code: 1185292
£102.00 - £118.50Hamilton 3 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe in Cream and Pine HMT017 Quickfind code: 1185307
£102.00 - £118.50Hamilton 3 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe in Pine HMT005Quickfind code: 1185295
£102.00 - £118.50Hamilton 3 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe in Pine HMT005Quickfind code: 1185295
£17.00 - £19.75Hamilton 3 Drawer Bedside Table in Pine HMT001Quickfind code: 1185291
£61.20 - £71.10Hampstead White Painted Furniture Triple Wardrobe PRODUCT CODE: 8006-83
£108.80 - £126.40Harper Grey Solid Wood 3 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe HRP010GA
£108.80 - £126.40Harper Grey Solid Wood 3 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe HRP010GQuickfind code: 1230013
£81.60 - £94.80Harper Grey Solid Wood 4+3 Wide Chest of Drawers HRP005G
£108.80 - £126.40Harper White Solid Wood 3 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe HRP010BQuickfind code: 1225673
£108.80 - £126.40Harper White Solid Wood 3 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe HRP010C
£81.60 - £94.80Harper White Solid Wood 4+3 Wide Chest of Drawers HRP005B
£61.20 - £71.10Harper White Solid Wood Double Wardrobe with Drawer HRP009BA
£34.00 - £39.50Julian Bowen Domino 2 Door Wardrobe in White DOM203Quickfind code: 1182945
£17.00 - £19.75Julian Bowen Manhattan White High Gloss 2 Drawer Bedside Table MAN201Quickfind code: 1111717
£40.80 - £47.40Julian Bowen Manhattan White High Gloss 3+2 Chest of Drawers MAN203Quickfind code: 111171
£61.20 - £71.10Khloe Double Side Ottoman Bed in Silver Grey Velvet KHL002
£51.00 - £59.25Lexi White High Gloss 3 Chest of Drawers LEX003
£17.00 - £19.75Lexi White High Gloss Dressing Table LEX004
£61.20 - £71.10Lisbon 3 Door Wardrobe in Black Wood Grain 100-101-058
£102.00 - £118.50Mexican Corona 2 Door Wardrobe 2 Drawer
£61.20 - £71.10Mexican Mexican 2 Door Wardrobe in Solid Pine COR004AQuickfind code: 1151706
£61.20 - £71.10Milania Double Ottoman Bed in Light Beige Velvet with Curved Headboard MAA005Quickfind code: 1460964
£34.00 - £39.50Milu 3 Seater Upholstered Fabric Sofa Bed in Dark Grey BUN/SOF001/69684
£40.80 - £47.40Molly White Kids House Bed with Scalloped RoofMLY001
£30.60 - £35.55New Haven Small Dining Set with 2 Slatted Chairs in Cream BUN/NHA007/69136
£61.20 - £71.10Oxford Captains Guest Bed With Storage in Pine - Trundle Bed Included OXF008 Quickfind code: 1134965
£61.20 - £71.10Oxford Triple Bunk Bed in Light Grey - Small Double OXF012AQuickfind code: 1188813
£30.60 - £35.55Rhode Island Solid Wood Extendable Round Dining Set with 4 Dining Chairs BUN/RHD011A/70691
£61.20 - £71.10Safina Rolltop Double Ottoman Bed in Dark Grey Velvet SAF033Quickfind code: 1281384
£61.20 - £71.10Safina Wing Back Double Ottoman Bed in Grey Velvet SAF021Quickfind code: 1193781
£61.20 - £71.10Savannah 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Drawer in Ivory/Cream SAV009
£81.60 - £94.80Savannah 3 Door 3 Drawer Wardrobe in Ivory/Cream SAV010
£102.00 - £118.50Seconique Felix Low Sleeper Bed in Sonoma Oak Effect 200-206-009Quickfind code: 1135968
£122.40 - £142.20Seconique Merlin Study Mid Sleeper in White 1021206
£81.60 - £94.80Sky Bunk Bed

Prices vary by region throughout the UK
- our costs vary across the UK, so we ask for the first part of your postcode (box above) to provide an accurate quote for where you want the work done.

Prices are calculated by adding the Call Out Fee (A) to the total cost of assembling each of your items (B)
Additionally, each region has a Minimum Charge (C) where the price is below this (ie where C > A+B).

  • Call Out Fee (A) ranges from £25.00 to £33.00
  • Minimum Charge (C) ranges from £60.00 to £90.00

There are no hidden extras to add (ie VAT), although we do charge for any parking expenses, attaching to the wall (if required and not listed in your quote).

What our customers say:

“We are very happy with the service provided to us. Very professional and helpful to us. The booking is very easy to make. We would definitely recommend!”

(5 out of 5 stars) on

.r Furniture Assembly Review -

What we need to know


Please tell us the supplier, the full product name and a part code if you can


Copy and paste links of each product online.


Sample Enquiry

“ Please could you supply me with a quote for the following items from Homebase:

Keter Store-it- out Ace storage unit ”

What we quoted

“ Thank you for your enquiry, these items will take the following number of units to assemble:

50 units - Homebase 1 x Keter Store It Out Ace Plastic Outdoor Garden Storage Shed 1200L - Grey / Graphite
SKU: 495712

Total Units: 50 units

TOTAL UNIT COST: £ 35.5 - ( 50 units x £ 0.71 per unit - Price Bracket B)....”

Additonal information follows regarding it being a fixed price, how we calculated the costs, how to book etc


Our Standards

We have done everything we can to make our service the best quality it can be.

  1. Training and Development
  2. Clear and Transparent Pricing - the price you see is the price you pay
  3. No Hidden Extras - we do not add on lots of hidden charges
  4. Attaching to the Wall - clearly explained
  5. The Job Cycle - so each job is done to the same standard
  6. Formal Complaints Procedure - should you have any problems
  7. 12 Month Guarantee
  8. Testimonials & Feedback

More about the above

Trained and Experienced

All of our assemblers have been trained to the standards of Flatpack.org.uk and have passed the experience tests to show they are as familiar as anyone can be with the products they are assembling.

Find out more about FlatPack.org.uk by clicking on our badge below


Established since 2004, over 17 years assembling furniture.


All our assemblers are trained to the highest standards: how components work - relevant British Standards - specialist assembly techniques and working practices.


From where to place Nursery Furniture, to key facts on children's loft and bunk beds, to the 12 test for stability of furniture.


Consistent Methods of Work

Standard Methods of Work

From modular wardrobes to bedroom layouts we have methods of work to ensure the best outcome.

- If you do things in the right order, the job is a lot easier to get right.


Each quote, job and follow up is done in the same way so we can be sure we deliver the highest level of service consistently.

What our customers say:

“Super quick assembly, friendly person and even took time to explain where I had been going wrong when I tried to assemble myself.”

(5 out of 5 stars) on

.n Furniture Assembly Review - Alex


How We Work

  1. Get a Quote
    • Use our online quote engine to get a quote for the furniture you want assembling.
  2. Book an Appointment
    • Use our online automated booking process, or.
    • We will then ask you to give us 3 dates when you want us to come.
    • We will confirm the appointment we can do within 1 hr (during normal opening hours).
  3. We do your Job
    • We will arrive within your appointment start time (1 hour window ie 2-3pm).
    • We will assemble your furniture.
  4. After the Job
    • Our Assembler will close the job down.
    • We send you payment details (*) and a link to close the job, provide feedback etc.
    • We send you a receipt and our guarantee.


Customer Satisfaction

We send our customer satisfaction survey to everyone who contacts us with an enquiry as part of our commitment to continual improvement (a requirement of BS 5750 / ISO 9000).

If you didn't use us we use the feedback given internally to understand our market, and where necessary modify our business model.

We publish a summary of the results of everyone who uses us, so potential customers can see the great service we offer

More about the above

Furniture 123 Recent Quotes

Our Recent Quotes for Furniture 123 furniture:-

For a fixed price quote fill in the form above with part nos or internet links and
we will get right back to you.

£50 to £70TOTAL PRICE FOR ASSEMBLY (actual price varies by region)

For a fixed price quote fill in the form above with part nos or internet links and
we will get right back to you.

What our customers say:

“The assembler was very professional in his approach and did an excellent job, even though he had to work in the rain.”

(5 out of 5 stars) on

.i Furniture Assembly Review - David

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