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If you have any further questions not listed here, email usor call for advice.



I need Help

Are you half way through a job and need some help? We can either come and finish it for you or offer some helpful hints so you can finish it yourself.

  • Please ask a question or

  • Contact your nearest assembler directly

    • You will be quoted the time to assemble the item by one of our staff as a guideline, but charged for the time taken

    • Often this is less, because you have unpacked it and made a start.

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Beware the Plinth and Cornice

One manufacturer sells a plinth and cornice option on most of their ranges. This is a cosmetic enhancement which costs circa £30-£60 for a few strips of MDF. It is a nice upsell for them, which adds a lot of work to a suite of wardrobes with minimal improvement to the finished product. This can add 1-2 hours to the job and increase the overall assembly time by up to 50%.

It has to be noticed here that the overall finished assembled product from this manufacturer, when built properly looks fabulous and is robust, which is probably what you really want? Getting there is the tricky part and that is where we can help.

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Is it safe to purchase furniture online

Like any Internet transaction, you need to make certain you know you are dealing with a bona fide company's website. Before sending, any financial details ensure the site is "secure" and you have an actual address for the firm. When you visit a "secure" web site, most browsers display a closed lock icon on the status bar. Clicking onto the lock icon should display more security information about the site. Remember if you are purchasing goods from outside the UK you may need to pay import duty on top of the purchase price.

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Do you remove waste packaging - cardboard etc?

No, it is company policy not to remove waste.

  • If you dispose of the waste packaging yourself it is classed as household waste, you have already paid for your local council to take it via your community charge.

  • If we remove waste it becomes commercial waste and is then subject to legal requirements, and the Duty of Care

  • If anyone removes waste from your household, YOU have a Duty of Care to ensure they are authorised to take it.

  • Check here for Authorised Waste Carriers

All businesses that remove waste have a legally bound duty of care to dispose of it in a proper manner and keep detailed records and receipts of how and what they have disposed of. This extends to sorting waste into cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, polythene etc. to ensure what can be recycled is recycled and so on.

When you consider that each time you remove waste you need to: transport it (time & fuel); pay for disposal; and keep auditable records, excessive costs would be added to our service (up to £100).

If someone is removing waste free of charge then they might be breaking the law. Further information can be found at the DEFRA website:

DEFRA: Waste Legislation & Licencing: Duty of Care

Until we find a cost neutral and environmentally friendly solution to this problem, it is company policy not to remove waste.

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Can I get a quote for building my furniture online?

Due to the wide variety of furniture available we cannot provide a fixed price quote. However we can provide a guide to the assembly time and the rates we charge. We aim to respond swiftly to your enquiry (within 24 hours if outside office hours).

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Can you fit my new Kitchen?

We don't fit kitchens. If you need a kitchen fitter can we suggest you contact one of the companies listed under Kitchen Fitters in your local paper or yellow pages.
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Will you modify furniture to fit my room?

Unfortunately any modification to furniture will invalidate the manufacturer's or retailer's warranty. You will find that the required modification, is likely to weaken the structure of the item. In our opinion any modification is ill advised and against company policy.

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What if the furniture is damaged?

We will inspect the parts before and during assembly, and will draw your attention to any damage as soon as it comes to light. A decision can then be made as to how to proceed. In the unlikely event that we damage your furniture we will ensure we rectify or replace the damage to your satisfaction.

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Do you have a minimum call out fee?

The minimum call out fee is currently £45 in London and the South East and £40 elsewhere. All prices include VAT from 1st March 2007

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How much room do you need to build my furniture?

You will normally need a flat area such as the floor that is the size of the finished furniture laid on its back plus a working area of at least 600mm (2 ft). The area should be as close as possible to the final position of the finished item. Larger pieces of furniture like cupboards and chests may not withstand being dragged over carpets. It is a good idea to cover the area with a sheet to prevent scratching. If you decide to use the cardboard box as a working surface make certain all the staples are removed.

For High Wardrobes, please accurately measure the ceiling height. It is easy to hold the tape measure at an angle and get a false reading. We occasionally attend jobs, where the height has not been measured properly, and the unit will simply not fit. This is notable with the Ikea Pax Range, Rauch, Harveys and some MFI robes.

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How long will it take to build the furniture.

The time to build your furniture will depend on how complicated it is. So a small item such as a three-draw desk pedestal can take much longer than a large wardrobe.
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What if there are bits missing?

We carry limited small spares and will do everything we can to overcome this situation to ensure your furniture can be built satisfactorily. However some omissions may prevent completion of the job, in such circumstances we will make every endeavour to complete the job once the missing parts have been received.

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What if I am not happy with the furniture after you have completed it?

In the unlikely event that this occurs, please contact us and we will endeavour to put the problem right. We have a good reputation to maintain and want you to think highly of us.
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Is Flat Pack Amigos a Company?

NO. FPA is a network of experienced and competant furniture assemblers who are all independent. The website is maintained by Added Value Furniture Ltd to advertise their furniture and in return to help bring professional competant assemblers in touch with private customers who require this service. All contracts are between the assembler and the customer and Added Value Furniture Ltd has no part in this except where the assembler is directly eployed by us.

Many of the assemblers listed subcontract their service to other flat pack assembly companies providing a "national service". These companies often charge you a premium for putting you in touch with someone local. Why pay for this overhead when you don't need to?

Quality of performance is maintained via the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire. Complaints are handled directly by the assembler, everyone has an "off day" from time to time and the assembler deserves the opportunity to put it right. However repeated poor performance highlighted in the questionnaire will lead to a review of the assemblers position in the network and if necessary removal.


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Recent Satisfied Customers


This was a very professional job done to my satisfaction and as promised at the beginning. I am going to use this service again. I highly recommend it.

(5 out of 5 stars) on March, 28, 2018


I will most definitely use your service again. The fitter came on time and we were really pleased with the finished product. Many thanks

(5 out of 5 stars) on March, 19, 2018


From my initial enquiry Brendan was excellent - knowledgeable, highly responsive and I was satisfied with the quote provided. Brendan the assembler was friendly, professional, efficient and put together 3 wardrobes and 2 beds with no issues whatsoever. He ensured I was completely happy at each stage and gave me the option to decide on positioning of shelves and handles, location in the room, attachment to wall etc. I would not hesitate to use this service again and would definitely recommend.

(5 out of 5 stars) on March, 19, 2018


Unbelievable service at a very reasonable price. My tall kitchen cabinet was delivered on Thursday and on arrival I realised it was too big, heavy and awkward for me to be able to assemble and install on my own. I contacted two flatpack assemblers online on Friday morning. One replied immediately but couldn't do the job until the next week and then at a very high price. I was out all day on Friday and when I returned home at 8:30pm there was a message from Brendan on my answerphone. I called back straight away and the upshot was that he came to me the next day and made a perfect job of assembling and installing the cabinet. Now that's what I CALL service! Well done Flat Pack Amigos.

(5 out of 5 stars) on March, 16, 2018


The assembler was calm and efficient. He just got on with the job which is what you want. He was pleasant and came on time so I would recommend him

(5 out of 5 stars) on March, 15, 2018


from the time of 1st communications until complete the service was excellent i worry sometines that i may not get what i askes for but on this occassion excellent John was very punctual polite an completed my job to a high standard. date was kept even though snow affected most people my work was still completed on the agreed date. would definately use again an recommend

(5 out of 5 stars) on March, 10, 2018