Ikea - Pax Wardrobes

Ikea's flagship wardrobe product is the Pax wardrobe system. it is the most flexible solution on the market and when built correctly is as good if not better than anything costing 4-5 times the price.

It is a modular system with wardrobe frames coming in various sizes (3 heights, 3 widths and 2 depths, plus 2 corner unit styles), which can be mixed and matched to produce any size of wardrobe you like. You can have no doors, hinged doors or sliding doors and a variety of Komplement fittings with all manner of racks, drawers, shelves and rails.

Naturally with such variation in possiblities, you want an assembler with enough experience to get this right first time and how you planned it.

We have split our Pax pages into 3 sections

Whenever you  buy the Pax wardrobes you will have a lot of boxes. If they are delivered by Ikea or a third party, please check them properly - see our notes on this page of what to check.

Pax Overview

Ikea sell pax systems in lots of different ways.

Off the Shelf Combinations

In this case, Ikea have Pax systems they have arranged for you and sell it for one price on the website with one part no. The page below gives a good example:

Pre Designed Wardrobe Example

This wardrobe is actually made up from the following parts:

  • General Wardrobe
    • 1 x 1m wide frame
    • 1 x 50cm wide frame
    • 3 x Vikdel mirrored doors
    • 3 x handles (incldued with these doors, but sold in pairs on other styles)
  • Left Interior
    • 1 x rail
    • 1 x shelf
    • 1 x wire baskets
    • 2 x drawers
    • 1 x tie rack
  • Right Interior
    • 1 x rail
    • 1 x shelf
    • 1 x wire baskets
    • 1 x drawers

If you buy one of these, just send us the part no or internet link when you enquire and we can give you a quote and availability straight away. The wardrobe above takes about 2 1/2 hours to build and costs £85 to assemble.

There are over 100 pre-designed combinations listed on the Ikea website here


Things you have seen in the store or catalogue

Similar to the above however, we don't always have the latest catalogue to hand or know what they have set up in a specific store. In this case we will need a full list of everything you have bought (nos of and part nos).We will also need to know what it looks like, so a photo or sketch is required or the Ikea print out.

Please look at the "combination no nos" on the hinged door and sliding door pages as some things won't work with one set of doors or another.

The easiest way to get a quote is to

  • copy and paste your shopping cart/online/email receipt and send it to us, or
  • photograph your receipt and send a copy by email to us. You cannot use the form immediately to do this, but you will get a confirmation email automatically when you fill in our contact form and just reply to that and it will go to the right person.

Your Own Design

As above really, the only difference is you have designed it. We will need a sketch or your design to see how it should go together or you can just tell us when we arrive.

Again the easiest way to get a quote is to

  • copy and paste your shopping cart/online/email receipt and send it to us, or
  • photograph your receipt and send a copy by email to us. You cannot use the form immediately to do this, but you will get a confirmation email automatically when you fill in our contact form and just reply to that and it will go to the right person.

What can you buy?

Some units must be attached to the wall, with others it is not necessary, however you can decide on completion. Below we have given some notes to advise which ones are likely to need attached to the wall (see underlined notes below).


The frames come in several sizes as follows:

Depth: 35cm or 58cm

The 58cm is standard. The 35cm frames are shallow and must be fixed to the wall in all cases. The 35cm frames have special internal fittings and the standard Komplement ones will not fit.

Width: 50cm, 75cm or 100cm

The 75cm frames are generally purchased in pairs for sliding door wardrobes 150cm wide. The others can be combined to create any wardrobe from 50cm upwards.

Height: 201cm or 236cm

Check your ceiling height using pythagoras, for the 236cm high wardrobes you need a ceiling height of 244cm if you are going to assemble them lying down. If you have less height than this we can build them standing up, it only takes 5 mins longer and will not affect the price. However you will still need an additonal 1cm clearance for hinged doors and 2-3cm to mount sliding doors properly.

Most taller units need attaching to the wall.

Corner Units

There are two types of corner frames available. These are generally much more difficult to install, because leveling wardrobes round a corner means doing it in two planes. In some cases a compromise has to be reached if your floor is particularly uneven.

Hinged Doors

There are an endless list of these, most just need handles adding to them so are fairly trivial although some have decorative parts (like adding strips to make them look like Georgian windows) which add 5 mins to the assembly time per door.

The Vikdel mirrored doors are popular but heavy and on smaller systems mean the unit must be attached to the wall.

Sliding Doors

There are 3 types of sliding doors, some require no assembly, some come in two peices which must be connected together (adds 10 mins to the job), finally the panelled style (such as Auli) need full assembly and add an hour to the job per pair.

The soft close device adds 20 mins to the job and often means the unit needs attaching to the wall.

Interior Komplement Fittings

The list of these is ever changing and seems endless but the overview below gives you an idea of the impact of each on the length of a job. As you can see we really do need a full list of everything so we can give you a fixed price quote:-

Janging Rails and Wooden Shelves - we include these with the frame and so they do not add any time.

Most other items, all trays, glass shelves, baskets, trouser rails, some shoe racks add 5 minutes to the job.

The Komplement Drawers and some show racks add 10 minutes each to the job.

The light fittings add 15 minutes per light to the job.

The pigeon hole storage unit adds 20 mins to the job.


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This was a very professional job done to my satisfaction and as promised at the beginning. I am going to use this service again. I highly recommend it.

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I will most definitely use your service again. The fitter came on time and we were really pleased with the finished product. Many thanks

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From my initial enquiry Brendan was excellent - knowledgeable, highly responsive and I was satisfied with the quote provided. Brendan the assembler was friendly, professional, efficient and put together 3 wardrobes and 2 beds with no issues whatsoever. He ensured I was completely happy at each stage and gave me the option to decide on positioning of shelves and handles, location in the room, attachment to wall etc. I would not hesitate to use this service again and would definitely recommend.

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Unbelievable service at a very reasonable price. My tall kitchen cabinet was delivered on Thursday and on arrival I realised it was too big, heavy and awkward for me to be able to assemble and install on my own. I contacted two flatpack assemblers online on Friday morning. One replied immediately but couldn't do the job until the next week and then at a very high price. I was out all day on Friday and when I returned home at 8:30pm there was a message from Brendan on my answerphone. I called back straight away and the upshot was that he came to me the next day and made a perfect job of assembling and installing the cabinet. Now that's what I CALL service! Well done Flat Pack Amigos.

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The assembler was calm and efficient. He just got on with the job which is what you want. He was pleasant and came on time so I would recommend him

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from the time of 1st communications until complete the service was excellent i worry sometines that i may not get what i askes for but on this occassion excellent John was very punctual polite an completed my job to a high standard. date was kept even though snow affected most people my work was still completed on the agreed date. would definately use again an recommend

(5 out of 5 stars) on March, 10, 2018