We assemble furniture so you don’t have to.

How We Price Furniture Assembly

  • Our aim is to be clear about how we charge for our service.
  • This page explains our rates and why we charge this way.
  • The accuracy of our estimates is backed up by our Customer Survey Results
  • All our quotes are for a fixed price assembly, so you know exactly what you will be paying.

We have been assembling furniture for a long time (since 2004) and are familiar with almost everything on the market. So when you contact us for a quote, we have usually built it before, if not, something very similar.

Recent Changes

Recently to respond to changes in demand we have changed the way we price our services. We have done away with charging in half hours. It has always been a little unfair on customers to have costs jump by the cost of one hour if the job took five minutes longer a round numebr of hours. We were one of the first companies to charge in half hours, always rounding up or down when we got to each quarter of an hour mark. Whilst this was a fairer way of doing it, it still presented the same problem, if the job is to take 5 minutes more than the quarter hour mark, the price jumps by half an hour.

So we have priced every item in terms of units, multiplied by a rate, we then add on a variable call out fee and we still have a minumum charge.

The variable call out fee is adjusted based on where we already have work booked in, so if we are say 5 minutes away from you on one particular day, the price will be cheaper, compared to a longer drive on another day. This helps cluster our work, reduce polution and costs, which we pass on to you.

Current Pricing

We have split the UK into 9 Price Brackets depending on a varierty of factors. Most of the country falls into A, B or C, which are broadly the same, with a £15-£35 call out fee (based on where you are in relation to current work), plus a unit rate of £0.57-£0.63 per unit, to reflect variations in what we have to pay our assemblers.

When you make an enquiry, tell us your postcode, and this will be used to calculate the price.


Calculating  the  Units for Each Item

Typically we will need to know the exact product, so we can work out how long it will take and what it will cost.

We  have an extensive database with over 15,000 products in it, with fixed assembly prices (units) for each one. This covers over 400 furniture suppliers with most of the popular items from the  major High Street suppliers.

such as  Argos, Ikea, John Lewis, Next, Very, Wayfair etc.


Automatic Quote

Many customers visit our website when we are clsoed so we have intorduced an automated quote engine.

Please provide the correct post code, as this determines the Price Bracket we will charge.

When you enquire please list the supplier and all the part nos (see below), our software will match this with our database and provide an immediate quote. The quantities will be set to 1 for each item, so you can adjust these once the first quote is prepared, and you can add or delete items.



Argos - 123/4567

This is after the title of the item on the website or in the catalogue, on the boxes, on your receipt and also the last 7 digits of the URI.



Ikea - 123.456.78

This is now haf way dow the page after the description, on the boxes, on your receipt and also the last 8 digits of the URI.

NB: Ikea use a lot of aggregate part codes. Typcially a bed will have 3 individual parts, the bed ie Hemnes Double, the Skorva midbean and the slats, each of which has an individual part number. Then there is one aggregate part number for each item combined. The individual part nos will appear on your receipt, but the aggregate part number is the one you will see on the website. They do the same thing for modular wardrobes like the pax system, the off the shelf designs on the website have an aggregate part no, as do all the individual parts. We have them all in our database, so use the aggregate part nos where you can.


John Lewis - 12345678

This is listed in the cataloue by each product, in the product description on the website and on your receipt.



Next - 123-456

This is listed in the cataloue by each product, after the titel by the price on the website and on your receipt.



Very - ABCDE (occasioanlly there  are  numbers instead of letters)

This is listed at the start of the description on the website.



Wayfair - SKU:ABCD1234 (number of digits and numbers varies)

You will find this at the end of the crumb trail above the title of the product.

Wayfair list the same items on their website under lots of different names, however the SKU is the same. If you are not sure, type the SKU into the Wayfar search box, and you will see the same photo for the product you have bought and the name of the product in our database.


Booking and Provisional Appointment

Once you have a full list, and are happy with the price you can make a provisional appointment, which we will confirm as soon as we can.


Manual Quote

Obviously the above won;t work for every job and every supplier. So please provide the following when asking for a quote:

DO PROVIDE For Each Item:

  • An Internet Link for each item
  • OR the Supplier Name, a Description and Part Code
  • If you have LOTS OF FURNITURE or a  MODULAR SYSTEM (such as Ikea Pax - Ikea Besta - John Lewis Mix It etc)
    • There are usually a lot of parts any of which can influence the assembly time, and it is usually quicker and more accurate if you COPY & PASTE or PHOTOGRAPH your RECEIPT and email it to us.
    • We do not accept attachments via the website, so when you fill in our enquiry form you will receive details of your nearest assembler by email. If you reply to this with your attachment it will be routed directly to the assembler to give you a quote.


  • Email us the name of the product and say we can find it on a website such as Argos, Homebase, Next etc. - There are so many similarly named products, if you do this we will pick the most expensive variant. Please help us to help you.
  • Ask how much it is to build a wardrobe without providing specific information.

Pre-Assembled / Second Hand

  • We'll do our best to help, so please provide a photograph of it assembled (if you can one internal and external shot) to give us an idea of what we have to do. If not we'll only be able to estimate it and won't be able to offer a fixed price.

Part Assembled and Given Up

  • This happens a lot, and unfortunatley we cannot give a fixed price. All we can say is that it should not be more than a certain amount. We cannot know what we need to do to correct any mistakes you might have made. For example you might have built the frame for a sliding door wardrobe and just want us to build and mount the doors for you (1 hours work). However we might have to spend some time leveling the frame you have built, before we start to ensure the doors run and close properly, which might mean it will take 90 mins in total instead.

A Rough Price Guide

Our more experienced assemblers are a bit quicker and our less experienced ones take more time. The price you pay is the same, and fixed, as our aim is to maintain quality.

What we charge  is roughly base don how long it will take, plus a few other factors. Whilst two items may look the same, the way the panels are connected affects assembly time as well as decorative embellishments.

For example, the Mexican Corona style furniture, has decocrative studs which need inserting, plinths, and a more time consuming construciton technique, than standard minifix fittings, and therefore takes twice as long.

Additionally, cheaper components cn take longer to fit, compared to more expensive similar ones.


We would only charge extra when

  • there was an exceptional reason for an increase in time i.e. you had created more work for us for some reason such as changing your mind half way through, or
  • you requested additional items to be assembled.


As you can see from the notes below it is difficult to say a wardrobe will cost X or Y until we know exactly which one it is.




Item Units
Typical Price On Its Own*
As Part of Bigger Job*
Hemnes Bedside Table White ( 003.742.97 )
15 £60-£75 £10-£12
MALM Chest of 2 drawers, white (802.145.49) 20 £60-£75 £14-£16
Ikea MALM Chest of 6 drawers, white, 160x78 cm SR 555 ( 604.035.84 ) 70 £75 - £80 £49 - £53
Ikea NORDLI Chest of 6 drawers, white (690.211.61 ) 90 £90 - £95 £63 - £66
PAX Wardrobe White/bergsbo white 150 x 60 x 201 cm ( 390.255.99 ) - 3 door hinged 155 £135 - £150 £110- £120
PAX Wardrobe White/hasvik white 200 x 66 x 201 cm (891.805.97 ) inc attach to the wall - 2 sliding doors 170 £125 - £160 £120 - £130
PAX / MEHAMN/AULI Wardrobe combination, white, mirror glass200x66x201 cm ( 793.306.01 ) inc attaching to the wall - 2 sldiing doors 230 £190 - £205 £165 - £175
Very - Prague 2 Door Mirrored Wardrobe 3VHK4
55 £65 - £70 £39 - £42
The Mexican Corona / Puerto Rico antique pine 3 door wardrobe 150 £130 - £140 £106-£111

 *Prices for most areas, some remote areas may be higher. We have 9 price brakcets, and the above prices are shown for the most 3 most popular covering most of the UK. The call out fee in these 3 areas is £25-£35.

As you can see for the table above, similar items vary enormously in the work required, even from the same supplier. So really we need to identify the exact product to give you a quote.

Easy to work with

  • Fixed Price Quote
  • Quote And Book online

GENERAL Furniture Assembly Review

Natasha says ” Turned up on time, was personable, repaired the desk quickly and efficiently, and even added some brackets to the desk for additional stability. “
Natasha rated us as : 5 out of 5 stars on 2024-07-12

How We Work

  1. Tell us exactly what you need assembling
    (see What We Need to Know Below)
  2. We email you or display a quote after you have submitted the form
  3. Book online (or tell us your preferred dates)
  4. We build your furniture to the highest standard
  5. You pay us by: Cash or Bank Transfer
  6. You leave great feedback and testimonials

Find out about our QUALITY and CONSISTENCY or a more detailed overview of how we work below

Dunelm Mill Furniture Assembly Review

Phil says ” The morning appointment was cancelled late notice (50 minutes into the expected time of arrival) but an alternative time later the same day was arranged. The assembly was completed to a good standard and the customer service was very good. Whilst quite expensive I would recommend as building such a large piece of furniture single handedly without the best tools is a major undertaking!“
Phil rated us as : 4 out of 5 stars on 2024-05-30

Get A Quote

Please contact me.
Please do not contact me.

Bensons for Beds Furniture Assembly Review

Sharon says ” Friendly,tidy ,brought all my rubbish down stairs for me was a really nice guy thank you so much “
Sharon rated us as : 5 out of 5 stars on 2024-05-13

Get A Quote

What we need to know


Please tell us the supplier, the full product name and a part code if you can


Copy and paste links of each product online.


Sample Enquiry

“ The Range”

What we quoted

“ Thank you for your enquiry.

Each item is allocated a number of units to work out the price as follows:

110 units - The Range 1 x Riviera 2 Door Slider with Lights Midi- Riviera Oak

30 units - The Range 1 x Stockholm 4 Drawer Chest - White and Oak
Product code: 502960

60 units - GENERAL 2 x D....”

Additonal information follows regarding it being a fixed price, how we calculated the costs, how to book etc

Get A Quote


Our Standards

We have done everything we can to make our service the best quality it can be.

  1. Training and Development
  2. Clear and Transparent Pricing - the price you see is the price you pay
  3. No Hidden Extras - we do not add on lots of hidden charges
  4. Attaching to the Wall - clearly explained
  5. The Job Cycle - so each job is done to the same standard
  6. Formal Complaints Procedure - should you have any problems
  7. 12 Month Guarantee
  8. Testimonials & Feedback

More about the above

Trained and Experienced

All of our assemblers have been trained to the standards of Flatpack.org.uk and have passed the experience tests to show they are as familiar as anyone can be with the products they are assembling.

Find out more about FlatPack.org.uk by clicking on our badge below


Established since 2004, over 19 years assembling furniture.


All our assemblers are trained to the highest standards: how components work - relevant British Standards - specialist assembly techniques and working practices.


From where to place Nursery Furniture, to key facts on children's loft and bunk beds, to the 12 test for stability of furniture.


Consistent Methods of Work

Standard Methods of Work

From modular wardrobes to bedroom layouts we have methods of work to ensure the best outcome.

- If you do things in the right order, the job is a lot easier to get right.


Each quote, job and follow up is done in the same way so we can be sure we deliver the highest level of service consistently.

Danetti Furniture Assembly Review

Majid says ” In general, I am happy with the provided service and would use it again. “
Majid rated us as : 3 out of 5 stars on 2024-05-03


How We Work

  1. Get a Quote
    • Use our online quote engine to get a quote for the furniture you want assembling.
  2. Book an Appointment
    • Use our online automated booking process, or.
    • We will then ask you to give us 3 dates when you want us to come.
    • We will confirm the appointment we can do within 1 hr (during normal opening hours).
  3. We do your Job
    • We will arrive within your appointment start time (1 hour window ie 2-3pm).
    • We will assemble your furniture.
  4. After the Job
    • Our Assembler will close the job down.
    • We send you payment details (*) and a link to close the job, provide feedback etc.
    • We send you a receipt and our guarantee.


Customer Satisfaction

We send our customer satisfaction survey to everyone who contacts us with an enquiry as part of our commitment to continual improvement (a requirement of BS 5750 / ISO 9000).

If you didn't use us we use the feedback given internally to understand our market, and where necessary modify our business model.

We publish a summary of the results of everyone who uses us, so potential customers can see the great service we offer

More about the above

Argos Furniture Assembly Review

Iram says ” This was not my first experience, I would recommend it to everyone. Hassle free, assembler was on time and very professional. Will always use in the future. Thank you “
Iram rated us as : 5 out of 5 stars on 2024-05-15

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