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Ikea invented flat pack furniture or so the story goes...

Regardless, they are the number one flat pack furniture retailer in the UK. Their furniture is generally robust and will last if build properly and not treated badly. On many items the finish will wear away but on the whole you get a good amount for your money.

We have done specific pages on the main modular lines as below:

and list below some of the other popular items to give you  an idea of assembly times. We have built pretty much everything they sell and know how long it will take to do it properly.

Delivery / Collection

If anything is missing it can prevent installation. Whether you are collecting yourself or getting them delivered the two things you must always do is as follows:

- Check the packaging is in good condition. If it is damaged, assume the contents might also be damaged. If in store pick up one that isn't damaged or if being delivered tear it at that point to inspect the contents. Reject anything that is damaged it will only cause you a headache later on.

- Check you collect or receive all the necessary boxes. Don't just assume the delivery guys will deliver what you picked in store or that the Ikea team delivering the furniture you ordered online will deliver everything. If anything is missing you will have to chase it up. Ikea are good at replacing anything under £150 in value (over requires an investigation - as I write), but the delay may ruin your plans. You should have at least one box for every item on your receipt. Some items have more than one box, those that do have a coloured number (usually yellow background) on the box and in small print indicate whether it is box 1 of 2 or 3 of 3 - you get the idea.

- Hinges are always packaged separately for the pax wardrobes except for the corner pax wardrobe.

- Handles are always sold separately for the pax wardrobes except for the Vikdel mirrored doors, which include a half moon chrome handle.

- Pax wire baskets have runners packaged separately.


Look out for brackets missing iff hanging rails, they can easily get knocked off, screws are stored inside the rail itself.

Popular Ranges

All Beds

All of the beds without storage will take 30-40 minutes to build. Bunk beds and loft beds will take longer.

  • Bunk Bed - 2 hours. This is because each set of slats needs to be hammered on with two plastic bolts and this adds a lot of time.
  • Loft bed - As above but typcially 90 minutes although there is a huge double loft bed which takes 2 hours. The Stuva Loft bed will take 3 hours to build. 



The Malm range is the popular complentary range to the Pax modular system. There are various beds, chests and bedside tables to match.

  • 20 mins - 2 drawer bedside
  • 30 mins - 3 drawer chest
  • 35 mins - 4 drawer chest
  • 50 mins - 6 drawer chest
  • 70 mins - 3+3 drawer chest.
  • 50 mins - 6 drawer vanity tall boy
  • 45 mins - standard bed
  • 80 mins - bed with 4 storage drawers
  • 90 mins - Ottoman storage bed

In addition to the above, the Leirsund and Lonsett slats are frames that require building and add about 30 minutes to a single bed and 60 minutes to a double bed. The standard slats are called Luroy and take less than 1 minute to install to a bed.

Aspellund / Brimnes

The Aspellund and Brimnes ranges are a cheaper range of bedroom furniture and is quick to assemble.

  • 2 door wardrobe - 30 mins
  • 3 door wadrobe - 45 mins
  • 20 mins - bedside
  • 30 mins - chest of 3 drawers


The Hemens range is slightly more stylish and comes in styles for the bedroom as well as the lounge. It has a more traditional look that the standard blocky Ikea Bauhaus style of furniture.

Trysil Range

A stylish range of furniture with plenty of styles.

  • Two door sliding wardrobe with 4 drawers takes 2 hours
  • 25 mins - Bedside Chest
  • 40 mins- Chest


Morvid Wardrobe

This take 90-120 mins to build depending on space.


There are various desks and dressing tables in this style. They are often quick to assemble in 10-20 minutes and even the most complicated computer desk only takes 45 mins.

Sofas and Settees

These usually take long to unpack that anything, but typically about half an hour each to unpack and put the feet on. If you  want the cushions doing as well them it is an extra 30 mins. There are some exceptions which take longer.


Most of these take about 30 mins although the better Friheten double bed which converts from an L shape takes 90 mins.

The Brimnes and Hemnes day beds with drawers take 80-90 minutes to build.


NB: All times given above are for our Experienced Assemblers we use these as a guide for working out our prices. Some assemblers are faster, some are slower, but the price you are charged is worked out on the above. All our assemblers have been trained and will have seen your items before.

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I would certainly strongly recommend you for every aspect of your service. The assembler arrived at the earliest time quoted and carried out the work professionally and pleasantly with no mention of what must have been less than ideal conditions, a confined working space during hot weather and the ongoing Covid restrictions of a care home. I am very pleased with the standard of work and impressed by the fact that the packaging was very tidily returned to a store room leaving my room clean and tidy. A nice considerate guy! Thank you.

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Fantastic service, chest of drawers was built in less than an hour and room left very tidy. Perfect service, would highly recommend and I will definitely use again.

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We have used this service twice to assemble a desk and bookcases. It is a friendly and timely service. Where an article was damaged, this was brought to our attention before progressing. We discussed if the furniture needed to be fitted to the wall and were given advice on this. Work was completed to full satisfaction and we would use this service again.

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Service was great, arrived on time, was friendly and completed the job very nicely. Would definitely recommend and use this service again.

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Friendly, on time, tidy and thoroughly professional. I wish I had discovered this service earlier!!

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Friendly, on time, tidy and thoroughly professional. I wish I had discovered this service earlier!!

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